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Offering embryos for sale out of Redhill Julian 84s’ full sister:

Red Hill B571 Barmaid 86S

Registration Number: 1147701
Date of Birth: September 2, 2006
Sire: Beckton Julian GG B571
Dam: Beckton Barmaid M554 CH

Full sister to reference sire Red Hill Julian 84S.

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45 - Beckton Nebula P707 sired Embryos For Sale
Contact Rick for pricing: 402-760-1274

13 - Buffalo Creek Nice ‘N Easy T189 sired Embryos For Sale
Contact Rick for pricing: 402-760-1274


Calvo Vanessa 745W

Registration Number: 1651617
Date of Birth: April 24, 2009
Sire: OCC Kissimmee 754K
Dam: OCC Vanessa 745P

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Beckton Tamara T254

Registration Number: 1178764
Date of Birth: March 9, 2007
Sire: Beckton Justice CH M056
Dam: Beckton Tamara M731 EP

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Calvo Rose 8Z

Registration Number: 1541502
Date of Birth: March 29, 2012
Sire: Beckton Nebula P P707
Dam: Beckton Rose U272 JJ

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OCC Vanessa 626A

Registration Number: 1732740
Date of Birth: February 25, 2013
Sire: OCC Easy Red
Dam: OCC Vanessa 745W

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OCC Vanessa 745P

Registration Number: 989667
Date of Birth: March 19, 2004
Sire: PCC Colorado Hobo
Dam: OCC Vanessa 660K

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BBBB 6840

Registration Number: 639959
Date of Birth: November 14, 1998
Sire: BB 6015 Bbred 6540
Dam: BBBB 5955 Bbred 6300

6840, an original Beeby Cow. Pictured at 13 years old and lived to be 19. A true super cow whose legacy still continues on through her offspring on the ranch today. 

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