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Consistency & Efficiency = Profitability

At Calvo Family Red Angus, we breed cattle based on how they perform in a real world environment; and under the same conditions our customers are going to be operating under. We understand the challenges producers face day to day. Our cow herd is operated primarily on all leased ground in a very competitive area of Nebraska. The grass is good where we live, but we often ask ourselves “is it really that good?” How can we make up for the set cost of production and still be profitable in the end? The way we have learned to cope with the challenges is having the right kind of cow. Not just one or two cows that do it right, but an entire herd that efficiently utilizes available resources to be profitable. It is because of the challenges so many producers face today on why we stress our breeding program and to breed for consistency. We linebreed our cattle and rather than chase fads or hype. Today’s stakes are too high to go after something that is unproven and to simply hope for the best. At Calvo Family Red Angus, the genetics we use in our program have stood the test of time and have shown they are capable of producing cattle suited to being profitable in the real world.

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We are not cattle multipliers,

We Are Cattle Breeders

Breeding season is a highlight of our year and something we always look forward to. We sort females by phenotype and pedigree. More often than not, we see operations using single trait selection to determine how they are going to mate their cows every year while overlooking the challenges that are going to arise in the coming years. We look at the big picture and breed these cattle for the real world.

We do not breed for numbers, we breed for a specific brood cow. Our definition of a “brood cow” is a feminine female that carries natural fleshing ability, is structurally correct, has excellent udder quality, can wean off at least 50%, stand the test of time, and still breed back early every year. These cows allow us to keep our operating expenses low and increase our profitability. To achieve this, we believe in only selecting bulls from proven cow families to use in our program. We are firm believes in linebreeding our cow herd. Line breeding allows us to strengthen our pedigrees and increase calf consistency with every passing year. The value of knowing what to expect is something we rely on in our program.

Red Hill Julian 84s is a prime example of what we consider a proven sire to be. A bull that without a doubt has left his mark in our program in more ways than one. The first time we saw 84s, we knew this was a bull that a program could be built around. In his first year at Calvo Family Red Angus, 84s bred 88 out of 90 cows in the Sandhills of Nebraska. He was a special kind of breeding bull; for he would breed a cow and move right on to the next one. Today 84s has left us with an outstanding set of females that we will use as the foundation for new things to come.

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